KSP Polinia News

07-08-2006 The passes are still available for purchase

Tickets for the fall round of the 2006/2007 season are still on sale at the Club’s office between 11am and 7pm. The passes are valid for matches for the 2nd league championship and the Polish Cup. Price list in the “Tickets” section.

05-08-2006 Polonia – Ruch Chorzów 3: 4 (2: 2)

The “Black Shirts” team did not manage to inaugurate the second league season in front of their own audience. Andrzej Wiśniewski’s charges succumbed to Ruch Chorzów 3: 4 (2: 2) after a thrilling meeting. Goals for the hosts were scored by Ivan Udarević and Maciej Tataj (two). A dynamic, quick meeting with a lot of goals – certainly no one who came to Konwiktorska Street was bored.


Goals: Udarević (18), Tataj (38, 47)

Polonia: Simunić – Kuzera, Hucika, Udarević Ż, Woźniczka – Friday, Biernacki (37. Kosmalski Ż), Ekwueme, Zasada – Mąka (37. Bąk), Tataj
Spectators: 1,900

20-07-2006 Announcement of the Management Board of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA

The Management Board of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA, after hearing the non-final decision of the Discipline Department of the Polish Football Association of July 20, 2006 to punish the club and members of the Management Board and to read the content of the announcement published on the PZPN website regarding the alleged “extortion” by the Club of a license to play in Orange Ekstraklasa and imposed unjustified, severe sanctions, expresses a firm protest against the above-mentioned penalties and charges. Immediately after receiving the written decision of the PZPN Discipline Department, the Management Board of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA will appeal to the PZPN Appeals Committee.

At the same time, the Management Board of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA informs that the club has fulfilled the obligations undertaken during the licensing procedure, while the case of Mr. Dariusz Dziekanowski’s claims, which is the reason for alleged extortion, has been discontinued today by the PZPN Discipline Department.

22-06-2006 Personnel changes in the Polish community

Running training in the Park im. Traugutt, the “Black Shirts” team inaugurated preparations for the 2006/07 season. Fifteen players took part in the first class. On Tuesday, Polonia goes to Zegrze for a week-long training camp.

“Black Shirts” will join the second league games with a significantly changed line-up. Coach Andrzej Wiśniewski, who has just extended the contract with the club, thanked the experienced Dariusz Dźwigała, Igor Gołaszewski, Piotr Stokowiec and Maciej Terlecki for further cooperation. Łukasz Jarosiewicz was put on the transfer list.

Ensar Arifović has also left the Polish diaspora. Wiśniewski is interested in further cooperation with Marek Citko. – We will also talk to Adam Cichon, whose contract expires at the end of June. He expressed an initial interest in playing in Polonia – announces Wiśniewski.

The coach emphasizes that there are talks with many players. – We are looking for players better than those we thanked for the game. There will be names and players who are still working with their names, says Andrzej Wiśniewski.

The 1987 juniors will also go to Polonia. They will form the core of the second team, and the best will be invited to the training of the first team. Wiśniewski does not want to comment on the tested players yet. – We have a list with many players. We will talk, test and sign contracts – the coach cuts short.

On Friday, Polish language teachers will have running training. The first training camp in Zegrze will start on Tuesday. In mid-July, they will go to a preparatory camp for Święta Lipka. Sparring plans are being played. It is known that Polonia will face Pogoń Szczecin and Arka Gdynia.

19-06-2006 New authorities of the Polish community

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA appointed a new Supervisory Board of the company. Tadeusz Rafałko, the current plenipotentiary of J.W., became the chairman of the Council. Construction Holding S.A. for the Polish Diaspora.

The Supervisory Board was also composed of Norbert Kotala (director of the Legal Office of J.W. Construction) and Piotr Szczurowski (lawyer of J.W. Construction). The Supervisory Board extended the composition of the company’s Management Board – Marek Ruszkiewicz, the current organizational director, was appointed a new member of the Management Board.

The General Meeting also adopted a resolution providing for the financing of the club by increasing the company’s share capital by J.W. Construction Holding S.A. or finding a new investor. Further decisions regarding the financing of the club are to be taken within the next week.

May 30, 2006 The procession will not reach the Polonia stadium

The Polish Football Association informed that there were changes to the funeral plan of the late Kazimierz Górski. There will be no funeral mass at the Legia stadium, and the funeral procession will not reach the Polonia stadium. Funeral ceremonies will take place on June 2 at 11.00 in the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army (former garrison church, 13/15 Długa Street, Krasińskich Square), from where the funeral procession will go directly to the Powązki Cemetery.

The Condolence Book will be available at the headquarters of the Central Sports Center “Torwar” (ul. Łazienkowska 6 a) from Thursday, June 1, from 9.00 a.m.

On May 30, 2006, the Supervisory Board resigned

On Monday, May 29, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA, Adam Jachowicz, and members of the Supervisory Board, Dagmara Raniecka and Andrzej Pijanowski, resigned. Attorney Jachowicz justified his decision with a complete lack of reaction from the club’s owner, J.W. Construction Holding S.A. “on the results of the Company’s control carried out by the Supervisory Board presented by the Supervisory Board, including in particular the problem of the lack of financing of the Company’s operations and the risk of recognizing KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA as an insolvent company”.

In order to appoint a new Supervisory Board, the club’s Management Board convened an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 19. The General Meeting will also take decisions regarding the further existence of the Company.

May 23, 2006 Kazimierz Górski passed away

It is with deep sadness that we received the news of the death of the legendary Coach, the great Man of Polish football, and the late Kazimierz Górski. We bid farewell to a devoted Friend of the Polish community in Warsaw, a native of Lviv, a Varsovian by choice. We are united in pain with the family of the deceased.

The management board, employees, trainers and footballers of KSP Polonia Warszawa

19-05-2006 Tie in the match with the juniors

The players of the first team of Polonia drew a sparring match with the 1987 “Black Shirts” juniors. The goals for the seniors were scored by Ensar Arifović and the reserves player Roland John.

May 18, 2006 I-league license for the Polish diaspora

The Polish Football Association’s First League Club Licensing Committee decided today to grant a license to play in Orange Ekstraklasa for the 2006/07 season for KSP Polonia Warszawa. From among the league clubs, Lech Poznań and Pogoń Szczecin did not obtain licenses for the next season. Clubs that have not yet received a license may appeal to the PZPN Licensing Appeal Committee within 5 days.

May 16, 2006 Sparring with Polish juniors

This Friday, May 19 at 12, on the pitch of the Białołęka Sports Association (formerly Polfa Tarchomin), the first team of “Black Shirts” will play against the 1987 Polonia juniors. This match will end the season and go on holiday. For juniors led by Michał Libich (assistant coach of the first team) it will be a great opportunity to present their skills in confrontation with seniors.

May 13, 2006 An honorary farewell to the season

The players of Polonia ended the 2005/06 season with a one-goal victory over the Ark. The team from Konwiktorska, trained by Andrzej Wiśniewski, played in Gdynia in a much rejuvenated line-up. For example, Dariusz Dźwigała or Branko Hucik, the goal scorer in the recent match against Pogoń Szczecin, did not go to the game.

In their place, players from the reserve team were appointed – Bartłomiej Fogler, Jacek Moryc and Hubert Lewandowski. Daniel Mąka also got a chance to play from the very first minutes. Such an experimental combination unexpectedly brought success to the Warsaw eleven. Polonia won 1-0 (0-0), and the only goal was scored in the 66th minute by Jacek Kosmalski. Nevertheless, “Czarne Koszule” took the last place in the table, which means a relegation of the team from Orange Ekstraklasa.

Polonia: Fogler – Moryc, Łukasiewicz, Szymanek (38. Żytko) – Piątek (66. Cichon), Ekwueme, Kozubek, Biernacki, Zasada – Mąka, Kosmalski (86. Lewandowski)

10-05-2006 Polonia fell to the second league

The players of “Black Shirts” have not managed to maintain their hopes of keeping in Orange Ekstraklasa. Polonia tied at their own stadium with Pogoń Szczecin 1: 1 (0: 0), but the result should be treated as a defeat for the team from Konwiktorska. It was close, and the game would have ended in a complete flop for the hosts, because it was “Portowcy” who took the lead in the 60th minute. Branko Hucik led to the equalization in the penultimate minute of the match. However, there was not enough time for the winning goal …

Polonia: Simunić – Żytko, Szymanek, Hucika, Kozubek – Biernacki, Gołaszewski (70th Flour), Ekwueme, Cichon – Arifović (46th Rule), Citko (86th Lewandowski)

08-05-2006 There is still a chance

Although some media have already announced the decline of the Polish diaspora from Orange Ekstraklasa, there is still a chance of keeping it. It results from the planned merger of two clubs from Wielkopolska: Lech Poznań and Amika Wronki. The merger is likely to result in one of these clubs not applying for the 1st league license for the 2006/2007 season.

The consequences of such a situation are dealt with in detail in “Resolution No. 3/13 of February 20, 2006 of the Presidium of the Board of the Polish Football Association on the detailed rules of supplementing the central level games in the event of the club not obtaining a license”. In the matter of interest to us, she states that a club that does not obtain a license is classified in the last place in the table and relegated from the league.

In such a situation, only the team that was 16th in the table at the end of the tournament will be relegated from OE, while the 15th team will appear in the play-offs. So let’s fight for this place and it is still within our capabilities. However, for Polonia to be in the 15th, probably the play-off, place in the table, three conditions must be met: 1) Polonia must win with Pogoń and 2) on Saturday with Arka Gdynia, and 3) Arka must lose against Wisła in Krakow on Wednesday . Then “Czarne Koszule” will be equal to Arka with points and thanks to a better balance of direct matches they will overtake Gdynia players in the table. So not everything depends on us, but with a high degree of certainty it can be assumed that Wisła, still fighting for the Polish championship, will not allow itself to lose points at home with the penultimate team in the league. The stakes of the Wednesday match against Pogoń is very high. We are counting on your loud cheering all the time! Of course, the victory with Pogoń, which we believe in, is only the beginning of a bumpy road, because even a 15th place can only give you a pass to the play-offs, and not some maintenance. After the unlucky draw in Wodzisław, we are no longer able to catch up with the 14th place in the Górnik Zabrze table, to which we are losing as much as 8 points. And the play-offs are, as you know, a great unknown. The more so that they are not scheduled until June 14 and 17, i.e. a month after the end of the Orange Ekstraklasa games. At the moment, however, this is our only chance. So let’s be optimistic and take a look at who we can come across in a possible extra time for a place in the OE. At the moment, KSZO Ostrowiec Świetokrzyski is 3rd in the 2nd league, but the 2nd league players still have 8 rounds to play, and the differences in the lead are small. The play-off place is available for at least 7 teams: Widzew Łódź, Zawisza Bydgoszcz, KSZO, ŁKS Łódź, Śląsk Wrocław, Zagłębie Sosnowiec and Jagiellonia Białystok. We keep our fingers crossed that we can play with one of these teams – on June 14 away and on June 17 at Konwiktorska 6. Plan your holidays so that you must be in Warsaw that day! 08-05-2006 Bakaluk for the match with Pogoń Zdzisław Bakaluk from Olsztyn was selected to referee the match between Polonia Warszawa and Pogoń Szczecin. 02-05-2006 Andrzej Wiśniewski in Radio Praga Andrzej Wiśniewski will be a guest of the Tuesday broadcast “Capital of football” on Radio Warszawa Praga (106.2 FM). Beginning at 19.30. We invite you to ask questions to the Polish community trainer at newsroom@rwp.com.pl or by phone at 0 22 670 10 10 or 0 22 670 10 00.

Live Aid DVD Premiere At European Cinemas In DTS Surround Sound

Last week’s premiere event celebrating the newly released Live Aid DVD featured DTS surround sound at many of the cinemas participating in the screenings.

Marking the launch of the new Live Aid DVD box set, cinemas across Europe, including locations in London, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin, featured screenings of a specially prepared compilation from the set. Many of those theatres chose to deliver the premiere in 5.1-channel DTS Digital Surround using the DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player, thereby providing the ultimate combined audio and visual experience for their audiences.

The remarkable four-disc Live Aid DVD was released on 8th November by Warner Vision International. The DVD contains over 10 hours of historic footage from the live concerts held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia in 1985. Not only was this an unforgettable event with an extraordinary line-up of performing artists, it also led to over $140 million being raised for the Band Aid Trust, which used the money to help to save lives of those affected by famine in Africa.

Including excerpts from the DVD, such as artist performances, television interviews and documentaries, the event took the audience back in time to what the media had described at the time as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

David Pope, Director Business Development, CSS and Preshow at DTS,explains: “The 24-bit DTS audio added to the realism of the concert, bringing the sounds of the crowd alive and recreating the atmosphere of this unforgettable event. It is a great honour for DTS to be part of this and we would like to thank Christie Projectors and On Sight for helping us at the event in London.”

“Our cinemas offer the ideal venue to bring a live concert to life,” adds Oliver Pasch, Director Technical Operations CinemaxX. “Thanks to the Weischer Mediengruppe and their OneDCN-preshow-system, we were able to use an HD Projector and the DTS XD10 Cinema Media Player to provide DTS’ high-quality multi-channel audio, thrilling the German CinemaxX audiences with a unique, big screen experience.”

Paul Schofield, Sound & Projection Manager, Odeon also comments, “I was delighted with the customer response to our latest alternative presentation. The quality of the Live Aid footage, shot in the mid eighties, was truly amazing. The energy and excitement of this momentous and historical event truly ‘rocked’ our packed cinema audience. The DTS sound, via the XD10 Cinema Media Processor, not only captured perfectly the mood of the original event, but demonstrated how beneficial surrounding the audience with digital sound can be.”

Fans can recreate the same experience in their own homes as the DVD release also features a DTS soundtrack. Proceeds from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the Band Aid Trust. VAT on this and the Band Aid Single, to be released on 28 November, will also be refunded to the charity.

Engineered to deliver up to 10 channels of scalable digital surround sound (expandable to 16 channels), the XD10 Cinema Media Player is an expandable media solution for pre-show and feature film presentation. The XD10 is compatible with both traditional film playback and emerging D-Cinema applications. An internal hard drive is used as the film sound signal source, while two DVD drives enable download of film sound information to the hard drive. Giving distributors and exhibitors the flexibility of storing either multiple languages of one title or multiple titles, the XD10 will automatically load and store a multitude of film soundtracks. The XD10 can also deliver high definition video for alternative content applications and provide networking and pre-show programming functionality for integration of audio and video playback.

Leader LV 5700 Analysers Chosen For HD30.COM

Three Leader LV5700 multi-standard HD/SD waveform monitors have been purchased by Copenhagen-based PrimeVision and installed in HD30.com, one of the world’s largest HD mobile production trucks.

The instruments are housed in the CCU area supporting 1080i Sony HDC950 cameras.

*PrimeVision averages more then 200 EFP projects per year. The latest addition to its OB fleet, HD30.com is a no-compromise mobile production facility with an 80-input Sony MVS8000 vision mix/effects desk, Studer Vista 8 audio console, HDCAM VTRs and EVS LSM disk servers. Six months from concept to completion, the 64 square metre vehicle made its exhibition debut on the OB campus at IBC2004 in September and was field-proven during coverage of the Copenhagen Grand Prix, Athens Olympics and a variety of productions in many European countries.

HD30.com’s CCU area is large by normal OB standards but space becomes critical when the control team is handling 30 incoming camera feeds. The Leader LV5700 combines HD-SDI and SD-SDI waveform monitoring and vectorscope capabilities in a single compact and reliable unit with a clear readout and easily accessible controls.

Flemming Rosenkrantz, Commercial Director, PrimeVision A/S, comments:

“A central feature in the choice of these units was Leader’s unique equivalent-cable-length measurement system which is a standard feature of all LV5700 instruments. This is particularly valuable in HD environments where long-run cables must be checked to ensure that incoming digital feeds are robust.”

HD30.com’s CCU area is large by normal OB standards but space becomes critical when the control team is handling 30 incoming camera feeds. The Leader LV5700 combines HD-SDI and SD-SDI waveform monitoring and vectorscope capabilities in a single compact and reliable unit with a clear readout and easily accessible controls.

Paul Vos, elQuip BV managing director, adds:

“The LV5700 has an exceptionally wide feature-set including vector display and audio lissajous on a high quality integral XGA TFT LCD screen. It also offers high operational stability and compact front-panel dimensions, making it ideal for HD mobile production and live OB applications. It can handle a wide range of HD-SDI video formats and both SD-SDI systems.”

Analytical capabilities of the LV5700 include transmission error detection, gamut error detection, data dump display and voice control packet analysis. Video sampling rate can be switched automatically between 74.25 and 74.25/1.001 MHz in HD mode or to 13.5 MHz SD. An optional Eye Pattern Module offers selectable display modes that encompass eye patterns, jitter and jitter-plus-histogram.

When linked to Leader’s award-winning FS3018 Lighting Monitor via a wireless PDA, the LV5700 allows remote viewing of digitally-sourced picture, waveform, colour vectors and status data. Any spot on the picture can be selected via the PDA’s cursor controls for numeric analysis of percentage YRGB colour component levels.

“A central feature in the choice of these units was Leader’s unique equivalent-cable-length measurement system which is a standard feature of all LV5700 instruments. This is particularly valuable in HD environments where long-run cables must be checked to ensure that incoming digital feeds are robust.”

Robert Halperin Retires From Avid’s Board Of Directors

Robert Halperin has retired from Avid Technology’s board of directors, effective November 8, 2004. With his retirement, Halperin, who served as chairman of the board of directors from 1999 to 2004, completes a 13-year term of service on Avid’s board.

“Bob’s leadership and guidance have been a tremendous influence on Avid’s success throughout the years,” said David Krall, Avid’s president and chief executive officer. “His visionary insight has been instrumental in helping Avid to establish and sustain its position as the world-leading manufacturer of digital nonlinear media creation, management, and distribution solutions for film, video, audio, animation, games, and broadcast professionals. We are extremely grateful for the contributions Bob has made to our business, and our management team and board of directors will carry Bob’s wisdom and business principles with us well into the future.”

Nancy Hawthorne, who succeeded Halperin as chairman of Avid’s board of directors in May 2004, said, “As a member of the board since the early years of Avid, Bob Halperin played an important role in the company’s major business milestones, such as the acquisition of Digidesign in 1995. More recently, as chairman, Bob helped guide Avid through the three-year plan that culminated in the successful launch of the Avid DNA product family. As he brings his distinguished tenure at Avid to a close, Bob leaves behind a legacy of dedicated service and leadership, and a management team committed to furthering the company’s success in the media production industries.”

Halperin said, “When I joined Avid’s board of directors in 1991, the company was a close-knit startup that was just beginning to come to grips with the runaway success of its flagship product, the revolutionary Media Composer video editing workstation. Since then, Avid has grown exponentially and matured into the world’s leading provider of digital nonlinear content creation solutions for a wide range of industries. Despite the many changes that have taken place in those industries over the years, Avid has never wavered from its tradition of excellence and innovation, and I have no doubt that the current management team’s commitment to these principles will ensure the company’s continued success.”

In addition to his role on Avid’s board of directors, Halperin, served at Raychem Corporation since shortly after the company was founded in 1957, rising to the position of president. Following his retirement from that post in 1990, Halperin served as vice chairman of Raychem’s board until 1994. Halperin has also served as chairman of the board of directors of Vitria Technology, Inc.

ATG Broadcast Reports Sucessful 2004

Having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2003, ATG Broadcast commemorated 2004 by moving into double-size premises near its former headquarters in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

The new 1,150 square metre facility at 1 Iceni Court, Icknield Way, incorporates 500 square metres of prefabrication space, five times larger than the previous prefabrication hall. Planning rooms and open-plan offices are located on the upper floor.

ATG Broadcast Sales Director Alan Pimm explain the background to the move which was completed just after IBC 2004:

“Our business has grown significantly in the past three years as ATG Broadcast consolidates its reputation for delivering systems combining high-technology and high-reliability. The new premises equip us to handle very large contracts or a group of parallel projects. A fully air-conditioned building was essential, both for client comfort and staff efficiency. Heavy demand for ATG-manufactured equipment also created a need for increased product assembly and testing resources.

“The first of several major projects this year was a Central Storage and Archive system forming the heart of the new Broadcast Centre at White City. Our clear technical understanding of BBC Broadcast’s requirements enabled us to propose a system that comprehensively met initial requirements and is easily scaleable to meet future demands.

“TV4 Sweden commissioned us to provide facilities for a new movie channel: TV4 Film. This project centred on the expansion of routing and output chain infrastructure installed for TV4 Sport which went on air in January 2003. TV4’s main studio is a showpiece in itself, being open to public view from the reception area at the network’s Stockholm headquarters. Our detailed knowledge of Omnibus automation together with careful pre-planning enabled this project to run very smoothly.

“We modernised two video dubbing suites for BBC Post Production. This contract encompassed VT17 and VT18 on the second floor of Stage 5 at Television Centre in Wood Lane. Both suites are used for tape-to-tape copying between a variety of formats and are equipped to operate in or between 625 and 525-line standards. ATG Broadcast was chosen for its proven ability to handle system integration and refurbishment contracts reliably and within a very tight timeframe.

“We upgraded the BBC’s Newsround Digital studio and relocated it from Studio 2 at Television Centre to the East Tower. Located within the Children’s Post Production Village on the first floor, the new studio produces content for digital transmission on the CBBC channel. The project window was just five weeks from start to mid-August completion, including the design of purpose-built furniture. The result gave BBC Newsround Digital substantially improved technical resources.

“In October, we commenced a major new project for ITV Central. This will see the installation of two new studios in Birmingham and a greenfield-site newsroom in Nottingham. The objective is to provide studio facilities for both East and West Midlands regions in Birmingham. ATG has a particularly high reputation in and around Birmingham for its many successful projects in the English Midlands.

“The ATG Broadcast product range was complemented by the new SAM-E range of audio monitoring units feature eight stereo inputs, digital carrier auto-sensing and amplified stereo outputs. Three versions are available to suit applications in studio control rooms, edit suites, technical areas and mobile production vehicles. These designs have sold well, one of the first customers being Soho-based Frontier Post which ordered six units as part of a £500,000 expansion project. Four SAM-E and two half-rack-width SAM-E-T units were be supplied for incorporation into the company’s expanded editing facilities.

“We are watching the emerging HD market with interest. It will be very big business once the standards issues are sorted out and the cost of signal delivery comes down. For the present, there is plenty of life in SD.”

Latens & Amino Integrate To Provide A Secured Next Generation Set-Top Box

Latens and Amino have announced the integration of Latens Content & Revenue protection systems and Amino’s set-top box architecture.

The integration will provide IPTV operators with a proven and reliable system that combines next generation, software-based content protection with Amino’s cutting edge set-top box solutions. This joint solution ensures that content owners can be confident that their property is protected while the operator has the greatest possible flexibility in business models as well as reducing set-up and running costs. Initially, the integration will cover Amino’s AmiNET110 range of IPTV set-top boxes, but will expand to encompass PVR and home networking solutions.

“We’ve integrated our technology with Amino because, as a world-class technology provider, it’s crucial that we work with other world leaders, such as Amino, to make it even easier for operators choose our Content & Revenue Protection,” says Andy Mathieson, Director, Latens. “The Amino integration has progressed quickly and easily and I’m now looking forward to our first joint customer.”

“We believe that working with Latens makes a lot of sense as both companies provide solutions for IPTV that go beyond those of existing providers,” says Mike Greenall, VP Marketing of Amino. “A solution comprising our set-top box with a content & revenue protection system from Latens means that operators have the power and flexibility to deploy new services and business models without being hampered by legacy architectures.”

Latens & Entone Integrate To Provide Best-Of-Breed Advanced VOD System

Latens Video Encryption Engine (VEE) and its Content & Revenue protection systems have been integrated with Entone’s StreamLiner Video Server software.

This combined solution provides digital cable and IPTV operators with a proven and reliable video-on-demand (VOD) system that protects an operator’s revenues and content owner’s rights. Crucially the solution provides operators with “never in the clear” security, which is increasingly a requirement specified in content owner’s contracts with operators.

“It became clear to us that without ‘never in the clear’ protection VOD operators would find it difficult to get access to A-list content, so we began designing our Video Encryption Engine to ensure that operators choosing our technology would have no problems showing the studios that their content is absolutely safe with our technology,” says Andy Mathieson, Director, Latens. “By integrating with Entone, we are broadening the market for both companies and enabling VOD operators to choose our innovative solutions, safe in the knowledge that they have been pre-integrated.”

This integration sees Latens Video Encryption Engine (VEE) and its Content and Revenue Protection systems integrated with Entone’s StreamLiner On-Demand Video Server, so that VOD content is encrypted at every point of the cable and IPTV delivery chain. Latens VEE is an efficient and scalable 1U rack unit that encrypts the content and passes the encrypted video to the Entone StreamLiner On-Demand platform for distribution to the consumer, where it is un-encrypted using Latens next-generation, client-based Secure Software Modules.

“We are pleased to have completed the integration with Latens. Both companies share a philosophy of providing powerful but simple to use and integrated solutions that protect our customers’ investment while keeping operational costs to a minimum,” said Tim Warren, CTO of Entone. ”The combination of Latens and Entone technologies provides a solution that exceeds customers expectations while minimizing cost and time to deploy.”

RFO Creates Global Digital Workflow With Avid Solutions

Réseau France Outre-mer (RFO), the Paris-based broadcaster owned by the France Télévisions group, has purchased a range of Avid systems to create a digital production workflow for nine stations in French-speaking territories around the globe.

The deal enables RFO to centralize its operations in a single location while improving production and workflow efficiencies for all of its stations, regardless of their local geographies. To support the full roster of programming across its network – where each station produces a mix of local news, magazine shows and commercials – and broadcasts national content created by France Télévisions and TF1, RFO will deploy multiple Avid and former Pinnacle systems for acquisition, postproduction, media management and playout. The installation is currently underway and expected to be complete by Autumn 2006.

“We needed a solution that would allow us to keep all local and national RFO programs in one central storage system located in our Paris headquarters, but also enable us to broadcast different RFO channels from one location, with schedules planned locally via a communal database. In addition, we wanted complete integration between our production and postproduction operations,” said Christian Augereau, Technical Director, RFO. “After extensive research, we found that Avid’s solutions and engineering teams were best able to meet these requirements. We’re also able to meet our infrastructure needs because Avid’s systems are HD-ready today. This allows us to evolve quickly toward HD when the time comes.”

The global workflow solution at RFO’s headquarters is based around an Avid Unity ISIS shared-storage and networking system. The Avid ISIS system will interface with eight MediaStream 8000 servers, which include 20 channels of ingest and 60 output channels, and will utilize an additional 20TB of centralized storage to handle approximately 5,000 hours of MPEG-2 IBP content at eight megabits-per-second. In addition, 16 Avid editing systems will connect to the production network, including a combination of Avid NewsCutter Adrenaline and Media Composer Adrenaline systems. Avid Unity MediaManager and TransferManager systems will facilitate media management for the workflow, including two-way transfers of files between the Avid Unity ISIS system and the MediaStream servers.

RFO will also deploy additional Avid equipment for its regional centers in New Caledonia, Polynesia, and the Reunion Islands. Each site will include an Avid Unity LANshare EX storage and networking system with 4TB capacity, MediaManager, five Media Composer Adrenaline editing systems, and an Avid AirSpeed system for broadcast playout.

“Since Avid announced its acquisition of Pinnacle, we have worked hard to ensure that the clients of both companies would benefit from the integration of our respective technologies. By leveraging the breadth of the integrated systems we can now offer as one company, RFO can accomplish its goal of operating a more efficient, profitable business,” said Francoise Semin, General Manager, Southern Europe for Avid. “RFO’s new workflow architecture will save time and money by simplifying media management, optimizing the availability of shared assets, and eliminating the need for costly satellite and tape transfers to get content to remote stations. In addition, with simultaneous, real-time access to media from every edit suite connected to the network, editors can begin working as soon as acquisition starts. As a result, RFO will operate with greater speed and precision than ever before.”

Once the installation is complete, RFO also expects to realize new revenue streams by repackaging programs created locally as compilation shows for cable, satellite and ADSL operators in neighboring countries. RFO also plans to create alternate versions of its programs for use on the Internet and mobile phones.

ATG Broadcast Completes New Diverse Broadcast Centre For Astro

ATG Broadcast, a leading international systems integrator, has completed a new 65 channel Broadcast Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia for ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS plc (“ASTRO”).

ATG designed, installed and commissioned the Broadcast Management system comprising, Satellite downlinking and incoming lines area, Tape ingest, compliance editing and versioning area, Multi-channel transmission area, Reactive transmission suites and voice-over booths and Master control room.

All technical furniture has been provided by ATG’s sister company, Custom Consoles.

ATG also hosted and managed a pilot project in the UK for the file-based media management system integral to the Cyberjaya Broadcast Centre project. Complex workflows originated in the broadcast management system are passed to Omnibus workflow managers. Omnibus then controls multiple Quantel ingest and production servers, Omneon transmission servers and a DIVArchive/Storagetek archive system to deliver the required automated media processing.

ASTRO will now split its broadcasting operation between Cyberjaya and its current operation at the All Asia Broadcast Centre (AABC) in Kuala Lumpur, 25 km north of Cyberjaya. The AABC will shortly be upgraded to match the Cyberjaya facilities. This will enable both sites to operate as a single integrated tapeless broadcast facility and to mirror media storage between the two sites using a high capacity inter-site data link.

ATG chose local broadcast systems integrator Digistar Corporation to deliver the project. ATG provided engineering design and project management with Digistar providing local engineering, test and installation expertise.

Graham Stephens, ASTRO CTO, comments: “ATG were chosen for their track record in delivering large-scale file based transmission systems in Europe and their understanding of the associated complex networking requirements. They have proved very valuable in assisting ASTRO to specify and design a fully-scalable, non-blocking, multi-site system architecture. We were also pleased that ATG felt confident enough in a locally-based integrator to use them to deliver significant installation, test and commissioning services in this world-class and leading-edge multichannel broadcasting facility. Both companies worked closely together to deliver the project in a very challenging timeframe.”

Alan Pimm, ATG Broadcast Sales Director comments: “We are delighted that ASTRO chose us for this key project in the Asia-Pacific region. Our clear technical understanding of ASTRO’s requirements has enabled us to propose a system that comprehensively meets ASTRO’s initial requirements and is easily scalable to meet future demands.”